Course Objective

Welcome to Self-Healing by EFT online course. Self-Healing by EFT presents a short but comprehensive course teaching a fundumental knowledge of EFT.

By completing this course, you will have solid an understanding of EFT and basic skills to be able to apply the techniques of EFT effectively on yourself or others and enjoy the healing benefits of it.

Course Outlines

On the "About EFT" page, you will learn about EFT and some facts about it's origins.

On the "Basic Principals" section of the website, you will learn how EFT is appplied and what needs to be understood before starting the techniques.

On "The Process" page, you will be introduced to the major spots on the body that EFT utilizes and will be walked through the sequence of EFT processes. It is important to study the "Affirmations" and "Shortcut Techniques" offered on this page.

On the "Videos" page, there are a couple videos that will help you learn the process of EFT visually as well as teaching different strategies to approach EFT. It is also recommended that you check the references at the bottom of this page. These references will help you learn EFT at a deeper level. You may want to watch the videos before studying the manuals.

The "Evaluation" page is created to help you determine the level of your progress. Take the short quiz on this page and then check your scores. From this page you will also be encouraged to write a short essay on EFT.